In recent years corneal staining and its relevance to eye health has become a vision care industry-wide discussion point. The evaluation criteria, clinical relevance and causes of staining have been hotly debated amongst researchers and companies alike, with disparity originating around these and the causes and effects of corneal staining. A number of leading experts have spoken out about some of the research giving rise to this confusion…

'Some of the conclusions may bring about unwarranted fear about corneal staining for patients. History shows that medical scares are nothing new…..' Milton Hom, OD, FAAO 1

'Beyond the stated hypothesis, we must also look at the science behind any given study and its execution to determine its validity' Paul M Karpecki, OD 2

'A non-validated instrument such as the 'staining grid' is clearly misleading in terms of risk assessment, as the color coding suggests, and misrepresents the relative risk of a medical device that has been shown to be one of the safest devices in use today' Brian Levy, OD, M.Sc 3

This website aims to unveil the Truth about Corneal Staining through a detailed scientific review of the diagnosis, grading and evaluation methods.


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